interactive art direction & UX

Sebastian Stankiewicz

Interactive Art Direction and UX Design

An interactive Art Director with a passion for design, animation & UX. With over 14 years of experience, I'm able to translate any client need into innovative solutions that are impactful, emotionally engaging and get required results. A complete team player that loves to collaborate with his team(s) and consistently offers up creative and smart interactive solutions that work. Spent the last 4 years honing my skills in responsive site design, development and full creative support of a variety of creative ventures. Looking for a creative environment that will help me continue push what is technically possible and also allow me to continue to learn and grow.


Miramax Films, A&E Television, Hollywood Actresses Brit Marling and Katheryn Winnick, Real Pie Media, P&G, Goodyear, General Motors, 96.5 TIC FM

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